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TCS partners with British retail giant Asda Back
(04 Oct 2023)

Tata Consultancy Services announced a multi-year partnership with British retail giant Asda to support its digital transformation and to implement a new organisation-wide IT operating model, following its divestiture from Walmart.

The strategic partnership will leverage TCS' cloud, AI, and security solutions to help ASDA deliver the divestiture smoothly, on-time and securely. TCS will further enable ASDA to enhance its customer experience and innovation capabilities to help increase their market share and retain price leadership.

TCS will build a new digital core by implementing multiple cloud-based ERP platforms to streamline Asda's supply chain forecasting, buying and merchandising processes, HR processes, warehouse management, and e-commerce processes. Additionally, TCS will use its Machine Firstâ„¢ Delivery Model to automate the retailer's IT operations, providing a seamless experience for employees and customers, and improving operational resilience.