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Board of Kotak Mahindra Bank approves change in senior management Back
(15 Mar 2024)
The Board of Kotak Mahindra Bank at its meeting held on 15 March 2024 has appointed Jaideep Hansraj, currently Managing Director of Kotak Securities (KSL), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Bank), as Group President - One Kotak of the Bank, for engaging in the collaboration and oversight of subsidiaries of the Bank. In his new role, Hansraj will be a Senior Management Personnel of the Bank.

Shripal Shah, currently the Chief Operating Officer of KSL, will take over as the Managing Director of KSL, with effect from the latter of (i) 01 April 2024 or (ii) the date after the receipt of statutory/ regulatory approvals as required. On the said appointment of Shah taking effect, Mr. Hansraj will move to the Bank as Group President – One Kotak.