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HDFC Bank divests its entire stake in HDFC Credila Back
(20 Mar 2024)
HDFC Bank as on 19 March 2024 sold 14,01,72,180 equity shares of HDFC Credila to the acquirers under scheme of amalgamation. Accordingly, HDFC Credila has ceased to be a subsidiary of HDFC Bank.

The acquirers include (a) Kopvoorn B.V., (b) Moss Investments, (c) Defati Investments Holding B.V., and (d) Infinity Partners. Kopvoorn B.V., is part of the BPEA EQT Group, Moss Investments Limited, Defati Investments Holding B.V. and Infinity Partners are part of the ChrysCapital group.

HDFC Bank has received a consideration of Rs 9552.73 crore from this sale.