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Maruti Suzuki acquires 6.44% stake in tech start-up Amlgo Labs Back
(23 Mar 2024)
Maruti Suzuki lndia has announced investment of over Rs 1.99 crore in Amlgo Labs, a technology-led startup. The startup operates in the area of data analytics, cloud engineering, Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial lntelligence (Al), to assist companies in datadriven decision making.

With this, Maruti Suzuki will own an equity stake of over 6.44% in the startup. The investment is being made through the Maruti Suzuki lnnovafion Fund, an initiative to undertake strategic investments in startups which exhibit high levels of technological innovation.

This is the second such investment by the Company. Earlier to this, the Company invested in Sociograph Solutions in June 2022.